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Introducing Noble by Nature – Premium supplements with purpose

If you follow DAMY or are a member at you know that we have been stressing the importance of evidence-informed methods for boosting your immune system this year. 2020 has been the year of keeping our immune systems resilient. Just incase you have missed our breakdown here are the basics – keep stress low, sleep longer than 5 hours per night, eat well and varied and exercise daily.

Today’s post is a very special announcement. Since launching in 2009 we have wanted to have our own high quality, premium supplement line that people could rely on. Today we launch! Introducing Noble by Nature, DAMY Health’s premium supplement line.

Our first edition product launch is here to support your immune system this season. Our line is focused on effective and supportive nutrients. Today we are launching with the following products (available now):

– Zinc capsules – high absorption, 25mg capsules
– Vitamin C + Bioflavonoid capsules – well balanced, antioxidant support
– Buffered Vitamin C powder – easy to digest, potent vitamin C buffered with mineral
– Pure Astragalus capsules – herbal immune support, high dose
– Dissolvable B12 tablets – sublingual active-form (methylcobalamin) B12, very high dose used for vegan support and for those with deficiency
– Vitamin D3 drops – in MCT oil – 525 drops in each bottle

We are proud to be a husband and wife founded company and to have our product line manufactured and sold in Canada.

Thank you for choosing to support our family business during these extraordinary times. It means the world to us.

-Amy & David


Starting today – for Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are offering the following:

– 15% discount with the coupon code ‘NOBLE’ (use at checkout)
– free shipping in Canada for orders over $49

We ship to both Canada and the United States. Our products are made by our ISO 17025-accredited laboratory in our certified GMP facility and are approved by Health Canada.